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How does SportsLab help me as a coach?

SportsLab eliminates the need for forms and spreadsheets…our app visually shows you accountability and improvements your athletes are making.

How does SportsLab work?

Upload your weekly training plan to the SportsLab website (or let us take care of this for you).  The athletes use the app to see what they need to do everyday and track their efforts right on their phone.  Everything is customizable to fit your needs.

What else does SportsLab do?

The coaches app helps you track tests, attendance, send messages, and more…you’ll get all the updates for free.

Welcome to SportsLab!

SportsLab modernizes player development for high school and college teams.

Being an Glazier Member, your school gets the SportsLab service for FREE!  Just sign up using the following form and get started.

We save you hours of pouring over forms and spreadsheets to see how your athletes are trending in their court work, strength training and conditioning drills.

Trusted by over 100 schools today. We started with football…now schools use us for basketball, volleyball, soccer, physical education and other sports.

Here is what a few of them are saying about us.

“I can see how my team is doing everyday” – Lemont High School  Basketball, Soccer, Physical Education

“This makes our lives easier” – Menlo College, All Sports

“This is the future for football and other sports!” – Oakland High School Football

“Wow…I can see how training impacts performance” – North Chicago High School Volleyball

“Saves us hours using forms and spreadsheets…” – Lemo Foundation